Daum Family Made Daumination Happen At SDSU

Guidance Through Rough Freshman Year Helped Jackrabbit Star Flourish

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.  —  Before he became one of the nation’s leading scorers, there were signs that something was special about Mike Daum.

“This is the winning sign we had last year, the same sign! I ran around with it with all the students out there!” Mike Daum’s Father Mitch Daum says.

You just had to look for them.

“I’m so glad that they’re able to make this trip, I love them so much!” Mike says.

Daum’s mother Michele is a was a Hall of Fame basketball player at the University of Wyoming, and began teaching her son the game at an early age.

“It was my dad who taught me how to shoot. I just tried to teach Mike the shooter’s touch and for some reason he took it in and decided that it was worth it to practice it.” Mike’s Mother Michele Daum says.

Lightly recruited out of the small town of Kimball Nebraska, SDSU’s coaching staff wondered if he’d ever be good enough to play for the Jackrabbits when he redshirted in 2014-15.

And Mike thought about transferring.

“I knew going into his freshman year, that redshirt freshman year, was going to be his toughest year. And it was also going to be his biggest learning year.” Michele says.

“It was definitely rough. And obviously I talked to my parents every single day during my redshirt season.” Mike says.

“We tried to tell him, throughout your career, you will have ups and downs so just keep an even kiel. What’s more important is what he does off the court.” Mitch says.

You probably know the rest by now. Averaging 25 points a game, Daum has helped SDSU to two Summit League Titles and NCAA Tournament appearances, all with his family supporting him.

“It’s the best feeling honestly. You know just having them here to support me, coming a long ways and just sticking with me through everything.” Mike says.

For the most part. There are some signs of dissention.

“Oh yeah, always beat him!” Mike’s Sister Michele Daum says about playing her brother growing up. “I mean, he had a couple rules, he couldn’t block my shot!”

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