Drivers Have Mixed Emotions Over 2017’s Biggest Construction Project

SIOUX FALLS – Louise Avenue is being redone from 41st Street to 49th Street, so is the intersection of 49th and Louise. Louise Avenue will be widened from five lanes to six, including a median at some intersections.

The project also will include new traffic signals, LED streetlights to increase safety, and underground infrastructure including storm drainage.

Officials say this is one of the busiest stretches of street in the state, so drivers have mixed emotions about being down to one lane each way.

“I got stuck over here a little bit so it wasn’t very fun. I’m not looking forward to it,” said Brittany Luschen of Sioux Falls.

“I hate it,” said Matthew Thompson, “I work right over there and it seems like it’s more of a hassle, more of a pain in the butt than anything. I’m glad there’s back roads to the interstate, that’s usually what I take.”

Tina Cronin, an Orange City, IA resident, said that she didn’t think much of the reconstruction on its first day.

“Traffic is moving nicely, there wasn’t a lot of headache with it. It was well marked and yeah, got through it with no problem,” said Cronin.

The $9.4M  project is expected to be finished in November. However, there are financial incentives if the contractor gets the project done early.

Drivers are reminded to use caution and slow down in the area and even consider an alternate route.

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