Update: Teddy Returned to Southern MN Boy with Cancer

Brewster, M.N. – UPDATE: Aiden has been reunited with his Teddy with help from a local police officer. A family in southern Minnesota is breathing a sigh of relief after their son’s teddy bear went missing. Aiden Remme is five years old and from Brewster, MN. He’s currently receiving treatment for brain cancer at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. He was recently at the clinic for his 60th round of chemotherapy when his “Teddy” went missing. His mother recently put out a plea on social media to find the bear.

“Team Aiden we are now seeking out help from social media. If you live in Rochester area PLEASE SHARE! We have done everything else but this. So here is the last ditch effort I suppose. It may sound crazy, but this teddy is a rather big deal. So much to his story.

We are looking for help.. my 5 yr old son (celebrating his birthday today!) who is battling brain cancer lost his teddy bear while at Mayo for his 60th round of chemo. This is more than a teddy bear, it has been with him through every appointment and every scan and surgery, this teddy means the world to him if anyone may have seen it please let us know!

Teddy turned up today! Someone found him in the chapel at St. Mary’s hospital, a place Aiden spends much of his time when he’s at Mayo. Now the family is working to reunite Teddy and Aiden and they couldn’t be more thrilled.