How To Fight Illness With Fitness

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- During a major weather transition, like going from winter to spring, it can feel miserable to fight off a cold while dealing with seasonal allergies. The owners of CPM Fitness in Sioux Falls, Annie and Chris Mello have some tips for fighting off illness by staying active.

Annie suggests doing some simple yoga sequences to keep your body loose and relaxed. She likes to start with a simple downward-facing dog, which targets nearly every muscle group. Spinal twists also work well for getting your blood moving and soothing body aches.

What goes into your body is just as important as your workout. Chris says taking vitamin supplements and fueling your body with nutrient-enriched antioxidants and minerals are vital for a quick recovery. Post-workout, he also likes having a recovery shake and makes sure he stays hydrated with lots of water.

Being sick is a great excuse to get some extra sleep. According to Annie, how you sleep makes a big difference. She makes sure she turns off all LED lights and turns off all electronics before she goes to bed. Doing some light stretching in bed can also help the body unwind and fully relax.

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