Humboldt, SD Cashing in On Booming Manufacturing Industry

Primary Manufacturing, only company in the world to manufacture using CLIP technology

HUMBOLDT, S.D.- Dimock is known for its cheese, Delmont its sausage.

Now Humboldt may have its claim to fame.

A new business there creates something that only a handful of companies in the world can do.

Inside a small tin building, in a small town made up of mostly gravel roads is a business that’s anything from small time.

“This is the future of manufacturing right here,” said Ladd McCluskey, Owner of Primary Manufacturing in Humboldt.

Primary Manufacturing is a small, startup company making small, plastic parts using the latest in technology called CLIP.

CLIP stands for “Continuous Liquid Interface Production.”
It’s like 3-D printing, but it’s not.

“If 3-D printing were the automobile company, the current 3-D printing would be a Model T and what we’re doing is a Ferrari or a Lamborghini.”

The difference, other than higher quality materials, is in the production process.

“It’s a layerless process, it has no layers. Like you‘d consider a 3-D printed process would have layers, this has no layers. Its continuous interface liquid production, so CLIP.”

So, what exactly can this clip technology make?

“Whatever you can design, we can build,” McCluskey said.

Ladd McCluskey opened up shop in Humboldt roughly a month ago. Right now, he has two building machines but ultimately, would like to fill the room with them.

His goal is to reach out to customers who need products in smaller quantity batches of anywhere from one to 5,000 pieces, bypassing the molding and prototyping process.

“So the industry doesn’t matter we are going to cross any industry lines that we need to and be there for these companies.”

Primary Manufacturing has been selected as one of only eight companies in the state to compete in the governor’s “Giant Vision” Program.

If they win, the company could receive anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000 to further develop their business.