Dr. Lein: “It’s Hard To Walk Away”

The Harrisburg High School prinicpal will be taking on a new role next school year

HARRISBURG, S.D. – At the end of this school year, the principal at Harrisburg High School will be moving on to another career.

He’s been head of the school for the past seven years, witnessing the growth of the community and experiencing first hand one of its most terrifying times; making it a hard goodbye.

“It went really fast, I mean it was just last week that I interviewed,” says Dr. Kevin Lein.

It hasn’t been planned for long, but at the beginning of the next school year, Dr. Kevin Lein will be taking on a new role in central Iowa as a regional administrator for 8 school districts.

While he will be over looking more students than he is now, Dr. Lein isn’t calling this next chapter a step up.

“I don’t know if anything is a step up from Harrisburg.”

And that’s because of his students and staff.

“You can’t imagine the connections here and the compassion that people have for you,” says Dr. Lein. “It’s a great place,

Dr. Lein says there’s one event during his administrative career that has cemented this bond.

In October of 2015, a 16-year-old student shot Dr. Lein in the arm after a physical confrontation in his office.

“You can’t take away your experience and how it connects with you, but I think it’s made us stronger.”

His students agree.

“Him coming over the intercom even after he’d been shot saying he’s fine and he’s okay, I think that shows that he cares about his students more than himself sometimes,” says Harrisburg High School junior Jaci Pieters.

Many were sad to hear the news of Dr. Lein’s resignation.

“The way he motivates the students, it has made a huge impact on my life and I will be a better person in the future because of him,” says junior Maxwell Kleinsasser.

Dr. Lein wants his students to remember one thing before he leaves.

“My love for them never goes away and if they need me, I’m somewhere,” says Dr. Lein. “We’re lucky we have phones and email.”

At Tuesday night’s meeting, the school board moved to ask assistant principal Ryan Rollinger to take Dr. Lein’s place next year.

Rollinger was not at the meeting to officially accept or decline.

However, the superintendent says Rollinger has voiced interest in taking the job.

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