Harrisburg Students Pitch Eco-Friendly Inventions To “Shark Tank”

HARRISBURG, S.D. – Sixth graders at South Middle School in Harrisburg entered “the shark tank” this morning after studying ocean currents in science class.

Students were challenged to create a solution to the plastics problem in the world’s oceans. Over the last four weeks, students came up with ideas ranging from edible water bottles to trash-scooping products. Students spent time creating a prototype to share with area entrepreneurs acting as today’s “sharks.”

The school’s principal says it gives students a chance to be creative and develop problem-solving skills.

“I think a lot of times middle school students aren’t given enough credit for the amount of flexibility they have in their thinking and I think they have a lot of ideas to offer we just don’t take time to ask them what the ideas could be,” Ellwein.

This is the first time the school has assigned the project but the principal says to expect it back on the syllabus next year.

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