Someone You Should Know: Mom, Business Owner & ‘Professional Encourager’

Meet a super mom in Sioux Falls

One Sioux Falls mom has a way of doing it all.  She runs businesses, raises kids and relishes the chance to help others.  She’s a bonafide super-mom who’s always taking on new adventures.

“I just want to leave this world a better place than when I got here,” says Melissa Johnson.

Melissa Johnson does just that in a lot of ways.  She’s a woman of many titles, like business owner and motivational speaker, but the most important one is mom.

“Everything that I know could be stripped away and if my kids were happy and healthy, I would still be a success,” she says.

The 42-year-old single mom was already a parent of three when she started a new life experience: adopting a four-year-old girl named Lyric.

“It’s been life all fresh and new again in that we’re sort of starting over again,” Melissa explains.

Her oldest daughter, 22-year-old Randi, says her mom is her hero.

“She’s taught me some of the biggest lessons, believe the best in others and just love people no matter what.”

And Melissa has a lot of love for all that she does: parenthood, writing her second book and owning a bakery, Oh My Cupcakes, and a stationary store, Oh My Word.

“You have to surround yourself with people who are good at things you’re maybe not so good at, so you can all work together and complement each other,” she says.

In-between work and family responsibilities, Melissa still finds time for hobbies, like radio hosting.  She’s also extremely involved in the community and is often a guest speaker at events like the Child Protection Council annual luncheon last month.  No matter what she’s doing, she likes to think of her job as “professional encourager.”

Her 13-year-old son, Brandon, says he’s learned a lot from his mom.

“To adapt to your circumstances because sometimes is can be really bad or it can be really, really good, and I think with Lyric it was one of those times when it was really, really good,” he says.

Speaking of adapting to your circumstances, a title Melissa never thought she’d add to the mix is “foster mom” until 2015 when little Lyric came to live with her.  Then, last fall, she adopted Lyric, going from “foster mom” to just “mom.”  Lyric just celebrated her 5th birthday last month.

Now-a-days, the process of adopting “out of the system,” which means through the state, is one of the things Melissa is most passionate about.

“So many times, if people are considering adoption I think they start looking with adoption agencies, or sometimes people look overseas.  Those are great options as well, but there are so many kids in South Dakota who need great places to live, great places to be,” Melissa says.

Knowing Melissa is like reading a good book filled with new and exciting chapters and she encourages everyone to have their own unique story.

“Nobody has it all figured out.  Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, just make your own way and follow your own path whatever that looks like.”

Melissa says one day she’d like to become a full-time writer, that’s what she “wants to be when she grows up.”  And she’s recently taken on a brand new hobby: hiking.

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