Someone You Should Know: From One Service To Another

Army National Guard Veteran Has A New Service

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Lawn care can be a gritty, dirt-on-your-knees business.

This time of year, the demand for service grows as fast as the grass does.

Adam Burnison, owner of Yard Dogs, said they’re feeling the heat.

“We’re speeding up. It’s getting to be a busy summer,” said Burnison.

Burnison is now full time in the lawn care and landscape business after starting Yard Dogs three years ago.

His career in yard work, however, started several years before that when he did the dirty work for disabled neighbors.

“They just couldn’t mow anymore so I just started doing that. I always had an artistic background so I kind of dabbled in lawn, landscape and then finally, kicked off to be able to do landscape side of stuff,” said Burnison.

As a relatively new small business owner, Burnison is still getting through the weeds.

“Tt’s been challenging, being able to get to the clients on time, make sure they’re comfortable and satisfied,” said Burnison.

Tough service isn’t new for Adam.

Straight out of high school, Burnison joined the Army National Guard and the 153rd Engineer Battalion based in Huron.

“Served for six years, one tour overseas in Iraq, finished my tour of duty when I was there and got back and got out,” said Burnison.

His primary duty was a machinist.

He said some of those skills correlate directly with lawn care.

“Attention to detail on it, making sure things are done properly,” said Burnison.

He said he’s lucky his road took a different turn than friends in the armed forces.

“It’s pretty thrilling… go from seeing some of my buddy that had totally just fell off the deep end and fell to things that aren’t accepted,” said Burnison.

For this army veteran, lawn work is more than just business.

“It’s kind of seen that we become depressed or do things that we shouldn’t do, get falling into habits. Doing the business has really gotten me into being able to excel and grow as a human, as well,” said Burnison.

Even though his armed service is finished, it continues to play a part in his new service.

“Personality-wise, it was a builder. I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am today without that. My drive, everything came from the military,” said Burnison

Burnison is joined by seven other employees at Yard Dogs.

He says a personal goal is to try and hire more veterans to work alongside him.

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