Extreme Heat Expected Through Next Week

Temperatures Look to Stay Above Average

We have seen our fair share of heat over the last week or so. Aberdeen has already seen the triple digits three times this month, which is already three times more than what we saw last year alone. For the entire summer of 2016 Pierre had seven days in which we hit 100°+, and we have already seen three just this month, with a good chance that we will add to that total this weekend.

While we did see a little bit of a cool-down on Wednesday, we will have even cooler weather on Thursday.  However, I do expect another big heat wave as we move on into the weekend. You can see the 7-day forecast in the photos below. The forecast calls for the low to mid 90s for many of us this weekend, with those near the Missouri River to reach the 100s once again.

While the next seven days look to be extremely warm, it doesn’t just stop there. The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) is not cutting us any breaks as we move into the extended forecast. The 6 to 10 day outlook, which covers July 18-22, next Tuesday through Saturday, brings us a 60% likelihood of seeing above average warmth, as pictured below. To put that in perspective, our average high temps for next week range from the mid-80s in southeast South Dakota and the low 90s for those in central South Dakota. So you should expect temperatures to be at or just above those marks, if not much warmer than that through most of next week.

Climate Prediction Center 6 to 10 Day Temperature Outlook

While this will be some intense heat, I don’t anticipate it to be record breaking. All of the forecasted temperatures look to be below the record for those individual days. That doesn’t mean it isn’t something to take serious, as this kind of heat can lead to heat related illness very quickly. As always with this heat, make sure to stay hydrated, wear loose fitting and light colored clothing, take frequent breaks if you’re working outdoors, and make sure to check on the elderly.

Sadly, this heat also means things will likely get even drier. The outlook is grim for rainfall over the next week, which means we will likely slip even further into drought. The next update on the drought comes out at 7 A.M. Thursday morning, and we will have a breakdown of that later in the afternoon.

Brandon Spinner
Chief Meteorologist
Twitter: @wxSpinner89
Facebook: Meteorologist Brandon Spinner