Janssen Bowls Over the Competition

Janssen Bowls Over the Competition

Since the age of nine Ranae Janssen has been bowling at Suburban Lanes.

“I like it because you can do it no matter how old you are. You can do it forever.” Janssen says.

And she’s turned it into a career, becoming co-manager with Bob Elrod.

“Working here you get to bowl as much as you want which is good!” Ranae says.

“She practices a lot! She really works at her game really hard and that makes a big difference. There’s a lot of people that are pretty good but don’t work at it very hard. Ranae works really hard on her game and wants to learn the whole game, not just shoot big scores. She wants to learn the whole game itself.” Elrod says,

That’s helped Ranae become one of South Dakota’s best female bowlers, playing in national and international events.

This year she won another tournament, but this one was a bit more shocking.

“I’m sure I surprised people because I surprised myself!” Janssen says.

Since it was the State Tournament in Yankton featuring a mostly male field of 700 bowlers.

“When Ranae was all done she was adding up her scores and I was going, she might have gotten all events! And then by the time she was all done she did!” Elrod says.

“It is an unbelievable feeling! It’s amazing! I feel very blessed and shocked all in one.” Ranae says.

“Well we were sick to our stomach because it wasn’t one of us. No I’m just kidding! We were pretty happy for her. No woman has ever done that.” Elrod says.

With the victory Janssen earned a trip to the professional Men’s Masters, though it’s hardly a first for her.

Ranae bowled in the Masters once before finishing 64th, narrowly missing the cut of the championship field’s top 63.

“Well the more experience you get the more relaxed you seem to be so hopefully I’ll be well prepared for it this year.” Janssen says.

Whatever she does probably won’t be a surprise!

Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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