Koelewyn Has College Career Ahead After State Legion Tourney

Southpaw has great selection of pitches

The first thing you learn about him is how difficult the name is to pronounce.

“I’ve heard multiple different versions of my name.” Renner Pitcher Spencer Koelewyn says.

“It took a few different times.” Renner Head Coach Jack Van Leur says.

“Probably more than 20 versions. I’ve heard cold-wine. That’s probably the worst one.” Spencer says.

“He had to point it out to me probably a couple different times to get it right.” Van Leur says.

And then Spencer Koelewyn can probably teach you a master’s level class on pitching.

“Lot of pronation with the arm to get that sidespin like this, so my changeup I drop like that.” Spencer says.

But the most difficult thing to do is to try and hit the Renner ace.

“He does such a great job of just moving his fingers on the baseball. Whether it be having his fingers on the top, on the side, which allows him to push the ball one way or the other. He’s done a really good job of learning a couple new pitches and perfecting a couple of his really good ones.” Van Leur says.

Those hands made him a pretty good receiver for the Sioux Falls Christian football team, but the lefty’s first love is baseball, and his skill has earned him a scholarship at Nebraska-Omaha.

“You don’t see a ton of guys that can really control and move three pitches the way that he can. A lot of times you’ll see high school pitchers that got one really good pitch or maybe one good one and one above average. But he’s really done a good job of having three excellent pitches now.” Van Leur says.

Meaning the rest of the Summit League will soon learn….

“My fastball moves a lot just because I have a very free wrist. So sometimes I don’t know where it’s going, I just know it’s going to move.” Koelewyn says.

….Just how hard figuring out Spencer is!

Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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