How Long Will The Cool Temperatures Last?

Much Of The Sioux Empire In An 80% Chance Of Seeing Cool Temperatures

This week has already been cooler than average – yesterday we had a high of only 71° in Sioux Falls.  The cooler weather looks to stick around as the 7-day forecast doesn’t even have a single day at or above average.  The high temperatures haven’t been the only temperatures affected as low temperatures have been below normal too.  Sioux Falls dropped to 48° this morning!  The thing is, Sioux Falls wasn’t even the coldest area in the KDLT viewing area this morning as Aberdeen and Valentine, NE hit 42° with Pierre dropping to 46° this morning.  To give you a perspective of how cool we are compared to average, here are the average highs and lows for some of our cities in the viewing area:

Sioux Falls: Average High- 83°, Average Low – 62°

Pierre: Average: High- 90°, Average Low – 63°

Aberdeen: Average High- 84°, Average Low – 59°

You can see we are well below average for this time of year by as much as 15°-20°.  Will it continue for much longer?  The answer is yes – for at least the near future.  Here is what our 7 – day forecast are for Sioux Falls, Pierre, and Aberdeen.

Every single forecasted low and high temperatures is below normal for Sioux Falls, Pierre, and Aberdeen.  But why are we seeing the cooler weather?  It’s because the jet stream is further south this week causing cooler temperatures to push further south.  Now many of us may not know what in the world a jet stream is.  Jet streams are narrow bands of strong winds in the upper levels of the atmosphere (typically between the 300mb – 200mb level).  They are a major influence of our weather patterns and can help us forecast in the long term.  One way to better visualize what a jet stream is, is by thinking of how rivers flow (hence the word stream).  The strongest currents are usually found in the center with decreasing strength the further away from the center you go or in other words, towards the river’s bank.  Here is what the jet stream currently looks like and is a big factor in why we are seeing the cooler than average weather.

The jet stream is expected to continue to be situated further south than normal like it is today in the near term which is why we are expecting the cool weather to continue.  The question is whether the cool weather will stick around for even longer than the next 7-days.  The climate prediction center has much of the Sioux Empire in an 80% chance of seeing cooler than average temperatures between August 9th and August 13th.

Luckily for those who like the cooler weather and need a break from the hot Summer that we’ve had, you’re in luck.  It looks like there is a good chance the cooler than average weather will be here through next week and even into the week after.  The good news is, this is actually good for the drought conditions as hot temperatures add more fuel to the fire in times of drought.  Let’s just hope the precipitation comes along with the cooler weather!


Kole Fehling
Twitter: @KoleFehlingWX
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