Chris Jacobs Brings Big Bat & Big Fun To Canaries

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D.  —  Weather was his biggest concern when he came to Sioux Falls.

“I was scared it was going to be freezing cold when I got here. I’m from the south, I don’t like the cold! I don’t like the cold! There are some nice places, it’s really a nice stadium. I like everything.” Canaries Infielder Chris Jacobs says.

And the American Association has struggled to weather Chris Jacobs’ storm.

“It’s not about hitting homeruns or trying to hit the homeruns, it’s about trying to put together quality at-bats like we have been. I mean, if you hit a homerun you hit a homerun. Way I see it is a homerun is nothing but a long base hit, you just hit it further than you had to.” Jacobs says.

That’s clear in Chris’ numbers.

Along with 18 homeruns and 55 RBI, Jacobs has batted nearly 300 the whole year.

Manager Mike Meyer has been trying to showcase that versatility in hopes he can help Chris return to affiliated ball, where he spent the first ten years of his career after being drafted in the 17th round by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“He’s kind of been labeled because of his size as a first baseman only. But he’s also got good foot work, he’s really quick. He’s maybe not the fleetest of foot but he can move around pretty good. We want to show these organizations look, he can do it.” Canaries Manager Mike Meyer says.

Whether or not that happens, Jacobs will continue to lead with his long homeruns and an attitude that makes him a hit in the clubhouse.

“Who wouldn’t be happy to play baseball? I’m trying to tell everybody have fun, smile! It might not be exactly where you want to be, you might not be playing in the big leagues, or you might think it should have went different or think you got a bad break or dealt a bad hand or something like that. But at least you’re still in the game man. There are other people who would love to do what you do.” Chris says.

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