Rep. Noem Meets With Agencies About Sexual, Domestic Abuse

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – South Dakota Representative Kristi Noem stopped in Sioux Falls today to get a gauge on how to curb sexual and domestic assault.

Joining her were officials from law enforcement, domestic violence services and Augustana University. The conversation centers around what these agencies see on a daily basis and how well they are handling caseloads.

Noem says after hearing from community leaders that more work needs to be done but they recognize the steps they have made to help victims.

“We talked about how far we’ve come. Over the years, there’s many more services available, there’s still much more need but that we really can applaud some of these folks that dedicate their lives to helping those who’ve gone through a very difficult time and getting them back on their feet,” said Rep. Noem.

Noem says going forward, a few things are needed, more reimbursement for counseling services, aid through grant programs, and to make resources easier to access.

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