From Walk-On to All-American for Goedert

From Walk-On to All-American for Goedert

Growing up in Britton, Dallas Goedert practiced for the day he’d be in front of a camera.

Dallas Goedert, SDSU TE:”Me and my sisters we’d be sitting at the dinner table and it would be dark out and we’d see our reflections in the mirror and we’d always be making faces in it…”

These days he works on catching footballs, and he seems to have mastered both.

Jake Wieneke, SDSU WR:”6-5, 270 running 4.6 and jumping 40 inches, he’s just a freak. You could call him Hollywood just because he makes Hollywood plays…”

Yet Dallas wasn’t seen as a star coming out of Britton-Hecla.

He never played tight end for the football team, and actually was considered a better basketball prospect.

Goedert:”Playing basketball that’s what I liked more in high school and that’s what I thought I was going to do in college. Coach Stig came to my high school once and saw me play in a basketball game and didn’t understand why I was shooting 3’s and not down low and getting all the rebounds…”

That inspired SDSU’s coach to try and snag Goedert as a walk-on.

John Stiegelmeier:”Sometimes that’s a set back…you recruit them but say we don’t have money for you, some guys don’t even play football. Dallas really raised his level and then he’s so competitive and so talented. Hard work really magnifies that…”

Dallas earned his scholarship and earned All-American honors last year with 92 catches for nearly 1300 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Taryn Christion, SDSU QB:”They are just crazy plays that he has the ability make…make impossible really…”

Goedert:”It’s the kind of thing you just work on. I’ve been catching balls since I was a little kid so it just comes natural to me…”

And that’s made him the top tight end target on NFL draft boards, and if there’s one thing Goedert knows…..

Goedert:”It’s really cool seeing that stuff…obviously that’s my goal that’s what I’ve planned to do. Compete the best I can. Do everything I can to help this team win a National Championship and just play the best football I can… That’s what I’m focused on…”

…It’s how to catch on!

In Brookings, Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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