Boutier Rises From Last To LPGA Tour

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D.  —  Celine Boutier made golf look easy at Willow Run during the Great Life Challenge.

“It’s actually really fun to see, when you visuazlie a shot, and then you actually do it it’s just really satisfying and I did a lot of that!” Boutier says.

Which was hard to visualize growing up in France when Celine was lucky to avoid last place finishes.

“I was maybe like 12 or something. It was my first national tournament and I really sucked and I just didn’t like the feeling and I didn’t like being at the bottom of the leader board. So I was like, you know what? Next year I’m not going to be here.” Celine says.

She wasn’t and continued to be near the top of many leaderboards through her career at Duke right up to this week’s Great Life Challenge when she tied the course record with an 8-under par 63 in the third round on Saturday.

“At some point I think in the middle of the back nine I just lost count. I wasn’t even really counting but I was just in the zone. I definitely felt like everything felt easy. I was just making birdies and one eagle. It was really fun actually.” Boutier says.

Boutier finished her second Symetra Tour win the following day, clinching her spot in the top ten of the money list and earning her LPGA Tour Card for 2018.

“Honestly it’s unbelievable! Ever since I wanted to turn pro it’s my dream. I’ve always wanted to be on the LPGA, I watch it all the time on the TV. I’m super excited for the opportunity.” Celine says.

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