Morning Anchor

The Morning Anchor is responsible co-anchoring news and interview segments for KDLT News Today. This position is also responsible for anchoring news segments during Today Show cut-ins during the week.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Co-anchor KDLT News Today: The Morning Anchor is responsible for co-anchoring KDLT’s two-hour morning program, KDLT News Today as well as conducting live interviews with guests during the newscast. The Morning Anchor may also do live reports from the field during the newscast. The person in this position may be required to help produce the newscast on occasion.
  • Provide content and live material for KDLT News Today & KDLT News: This position will contribute PKG’s and VO/SOT’s to KDLT News Today and KDLT-TV’s evening newscasts. Candidates are expected to provide original story ideas at newsroom editorial meetings and proceed to turn those ideas in stories. Candidates will be responsible for assisting in breaking news coverage throughout the morning.
  • Upload content to & Social Media Sites: The Morning Anchor is responsible for posting their stories to as well as Facebook & Twitter. Candidates are required to create KDLT Facebook & Twitter accounts where they will interact with viewers and followers daily.
  • Work to develop contacts and sources for news stories: The Morning Anchor should make it a priority to build relationships with city leaders and community organizations. Networking will allow you to become familiar with the people who help shape our communities.
  • Take part in community events and station appearances: In order to continue to grow the KDLT-TV brand and image, newsroom employees are highly encouraged to take part in station appearances at activities such as parades, fundraisers, food drives, and schools throughout the year.
  • Maintain outstanding driving record: KDLT-TV employees are allowed to drive KDLT-TV news cars, provided they have an outstanding driving record. This privilege may be lost if employee fails to comply with driving laws and regulations.


Qualifications include:

  • Degree in Journalism with emphasis in Broadcasting
  • Well-versed in using video cameras and non-linear editing equipment
  • Solid understanding of AP-style writing
  • Excellent news judgment
  • Great work ethic
  • Ability to multi-task

Trained in effective social media strategies

Working conditions

Morning Anchors will be required to work a shift from 3:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Schedule may change based upon special events, including elections, and breaking news. The Morning Anchor may be required to travel to a news event on short notice at the discretion of the Manager.

Physical requirements

The Morning Anchor may be responsible for carrying the camera equipment to and from shoots. This equipment may weigh up to 25 lbs


Please submit an e-mailed link of your work samples and resume to Jessica Brovold, News Director,

Jessica Brovold
News Director
3600 S. Westport Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57106