Could Electric Cars Become the Future:Tesla Installing Supercharger Stations in Sioux Falls 

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Electric cars are the future, and that’s why we are seeing more charging stations. In Sioux Falls, Tesla owners will soon be able to start charging their electric cars at Hy-Vee on 26th and Marion.

Tesla car owners will not be the only ones seeing charging stations. Automotive experts like Lloyd Nickel say as the demand for electric cars grows, charging stations will become the future.

“What we are going to see though is real ramp up in the use of hybrid technology. Especially electric technology in the vehicles in the next few years ” says Luxury Auto Mall General Sales Manager, Lloyd Nickel.

Although Tesla is the only company that currently has all electric cars, experts say car owners should expect to see more hybrid cars and eventually pure electric vehicles.

“Yeah that does make an impact on the manufacturers because they are going to have to follow what the consumer wants and kind of build those vehicles to meet those mandates,” says Nickel.

As the market for electric cars continues to grow, the future of gasoline cars could become uncertain.

“And then once you have the electricity, electricity will be less than gas,” says Nickel.

However, experts say gasoline cars becoming non-existent is a possibility that shouldn’t be ruled out.

“You know that might be something you see in 2035, 2040, 2045 somewhere around there,” says Nickel.

While electric cars pose the pros of clean burning fuel and better acceleration. Nickel says manufacturers will have to come up with a solution for states with cold weather.

“We all know what happens with batteries when it gets cold, can they engineer that now, so that we don’t have that. Yeah, they are great cars in San Diego, how can we maximize it here in the Midwest.

Tesla will put in eight supercharger stalls at the 26th and Marion Hy-Vee station. They are expected to open this fall. This will be the first Tesla supercharger station at a South Dakota Hy-Vee. Store Director at the Marion Road Hy-Vee, Kristi Masterson says:

“We’re excited to soon be able to provide customers with Tesla Supercharger stations here in Sioux Falls. This is just the latest way in which we’re working to be good stewards of the environment.”

Other superchargers near Sioux Falls can be found in Mitchell and Worthington, Minnesota.

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