Janke Brothers Bring Identical Success To Madison

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MADISON, S.D.  —  It’s easy to confuse Jaxon with Jadon Janke.

“Almost every day people do get us mixed up.”  Madison Senior Jaxon Janke says.

“And our parents even get us mixed up a lot of times.”  Madison Senior Jadon Janke says.

“They have numbers on so that helps me out. But they could during the school day.”  Madison Head Football Coach Max Hodgen Says.

But you won’t miss either of them on the gridiron, hardwood, or track.

“We didn’t really want to admit it but it was a big rivalry because every day we want to be better than the other one so it just kind of pushed to to become better every day.”  Jadon says.

Over the last four years these brothers have blossomed at Madison.

“This man’s a beast, he can’t be tackled on the field. He’s got a broken jump shot in basketball on the court but he’s fast too.”  Jaxon says.

“He’s got great speed and really quick and he can just jump out of the gym I guess.”  Jadon says.

And the Bulldogs have reaped the rewards, competing for championships in every sport they play, with football winning consecutive titles.

“They can triple jump and win the state and they’re just gifted. They can pick up a ball and punt it 45 yards without much coaching and I’d love to say I coached them on all this stuff, but they’re gifted, they’re talented, that’s the way it is.”  Hodgen says.

Both hope to continue playing with each other in college even though there are some things….

“We play different position so it’s kind of hard to tell who’s better but #6 has my vote right now I think!”  Jaxon says.

…They can’t come together on!

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