New Non-Profit Raising Awareness For Women’s Issues

It may only have a couple months to its name but Bra-Vo Bold is already making an impact.

The non-profit collected more than 300 bras at their launch, and co-founders Ellie Highstreet and Tricia Merrigan are hoping to bring awareness to women’s issues such as domestic abuse and breast cancer.

Merrigan is a breast cancer surgeon, and she says after years of mulling the idea over their dream is now a reality.

“We’re just really excited to finally launch and have this kick-off event and know that we’re out there and we’re willing to partner with others to really raise money and awareness for women’s issues and how to help women in need. That’s really out broad mission statement but we made it broad for a reason,” says Merrigan.

Women’s issues can often be over looked says Merrigan, but she hopes this organization can shed more light on them.

The guys in pink also showed their support at the launch.

Firefighter Dustin Luebke has Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He says he gives back whenever he can because the community’s support is critical to those struggling.

“We see people in time of need throughout the year whether it be an accident or medical event. And just not that we can do our jobs and walk away that we can follow up and make sure these people are doing okay,” says Luebke.

Bra-Vo Bold is planning to distribute the hundreds of bras to various churches and shelters.

If you’d like to give a donation or are interested in the organization’s events you can follow them on Facebook at Bra-Vo Bold.

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