Christensen’s Legend Grows with 800th Win

Christensen's Legend Grows with 800th Win

This wasn’t what Jill Christensen pictured herself doing in the early 80s.

“I didn’t expect to be coaching volleyball at all to be honest. So to be coaching this long yeah, it’s been a great ride.” Parker Head Volleyball Coach Jill Christensen says.

After all she’d never actually played or coached volleyball when she took over as head coach in Parker 35 years ago.

“I’m really an intense person. I try to get them to be intense too. And yet I try to teach them the lessons of life, it’s not just all about volleyball. There’s other things to it than volleyball and I got so many girls that have gone into coaching or just play after they’re done and they just love the sport. And that’s kind of what I want them to learn.” Christensen says.

That’s a philosophy that’s won with her players….

“It’s amazing. She might be hard on us sometimes but it gives us the win in the end!” Parker Senior Hannah Viet says.

…And on the court. Already the winningest coach in South Dakota history, Christensen reached 800 career wins with a sweep at Viborg-Hurley.

“I mean this is 35 years so there’s just a lot of time and effort put in to it. And there’s just a lot of girls that have participated, lot of different coaches, so I was just kind of looking back on that.” Christensen says.

“It’s pretty amazing if you think about it. Some coaches have, like, 200 wins, but our coach has 800!” Viet says.

Though she can’t imagine winning 800 more games….

“Ahhh, no! A couple more years maybe and that’s probably about it. But I’m still enjoying it and having a great time so that’s what matters.” Jill says.

….Jill can’t picture being anywhere else.

In Parker, Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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