Are You One of the Five Types of People Who Need Chiropractic Care?

Our lives are busy.
We’re moving around constantly from activity to activity, and then we spend another chunk of our day rooted to our desks at work.
All that combined can lead to a sore body.
That’s what Dr. Nathan Unruh, owner of the Envive Chiropractic clinics (, is challenged to solve every day.
“What drives our patients to come here is there’s some loss in their life,” says Unruh, founder of Envive, which has four chiropractic clinics in the Sioux Falls area.


Can Envive help you? There are five categories of people served by Envive who need chiropractic care the most, Unruh says.

Infants who don’t sleep well.

Babies are incredibly delicate, so even unmedicated childbirth methods can affect an infant’s spine. And of course, babies can’t tell us about back pain. Instead, that distress is expressed as colic, unusual crying, poor appetite or erratic sleeping habits. Envive can help parents with an infant who isn’t sleeping by providing gentle adjustments. Envive chiropractors know exactly where to adjust. The pressure is no more than you’d use to test the ripeness of a tomato. “Chiropractic is the first thing we turn to whenever anyone gets sick, or has trouble sleeping,” says Nicole J., a mother of four. “It has been really beneficial for our whole family.”

Older adults who want to engage in life.

A 30-year-old dad at a family picnic complains to his father that his back hurts from lugging kids around all day.
Grandpa tells his son, “Wait until you’re 60,” and shuffles over to the potato salad. Some version of that story plays out every day in Sioux Falls.
It doesn’t have to be that way. Grandpa and Grandma can still play with the kids and do the things they love to do, being active and vigorous later in life. Regular chiropractic adjustment, massage and nutrition can help seniors stay engaged with the life they love.
“After two weeks of no sleep because of pain from my sciatica, I decided I had to seek help,” says patient Mary L. “I called Envive. Shortly after receiving chiropractic treatment and physical therapy, I was sleeping pain-free.”


Top-flight athletes who want to increase performance.
Amateurs who want to return to the game they love.
Or weekend warriors twisted up after that annual company golf tournament.
Active people can get injured in ways big and small. They all benefit from chiropractic care. Patients at Envive include a world-class mixed martial arts fighter, a 40-year-old Sioux Falls man who just wants to keep playing semi-pro football and even an F-16 pilot.
“You can’t imagine the force on your neck and back when you’re in a fighter jet,” says Tom T. “It’s part of the job but I don’t have to live in pain. Dr. Unruh has been a blessing, keeping me healthy and pain free.”
Tackle football at 40? It may not sound like the best idea you ever had. But for Bill A. – one of Dr. Unruh’s recent patients – it’s what he loved.
A weekly visit, whether an adjustment or vigorous massage, allows Bill to manage the aches and pain inherent in the game.
“I know I’m not going to be the lineman I was when I was 30, but I just can’t help it,” says Bill, known as the “The Rock” by his teammates. “I don’t want to sit around and watch TV or build furniture. I love football.”

People injured in car crashes or hurt at work.

As hard as we try to be safe and healthy, some things are out of our control.
Car crashes are common, and what may seem like a minor collision can cause injury and chronic pain.
“Sixty percent of chronic neck pain is something small,” says Dr. Unruh. “A minor accident can cause whiplash, and you may not know it but continue to suffer from neck pain.”
These types of life events can build up over time. A fender bender, picking up boxes at work or staring into a computer screen all day can affect your body in a lot of different ways.
That was the case for Kent K.
“When I came to Envive, I was experiencing severe neck pain, headaches and stiffness,” says Kent. “After being in two automobile accidents in my life, and playing high school football, it is easier to lead a productive and fulfilling life with chiropractic care. I do not have to rely on drugs or medication for my pain relief.”

Someone with a seasonal injury.

Winter – ugh.
Midwesterners have a natural inclination to fight back against the elements. It’s how we’ve survived out here all these generations.
But sometimes our fight-or-flight instinct bends too far back. All that hand-to-hand combat with the business end of a snow shovel takes its toll.
No matter how many times we hear it’s the wrong thing to do, we twist, lift and contort in all kinds of bad angles.
Or just slip and fall on the ice walking back to the garage.
This is our burden to bear, stoically, with a certain pride of a job well done.
The shoveling and slipping can be painful, but there’s no reason to just live with it.
“Every time there’s a big snow, we get patients coming in with strained backs and necks, among other aches and pains,” says Dr. Unruh. “Until we all move south for the winter, we’ll be treating these kinds of injuries.”


Are you one of these five types of people who could benefit from chiropractic care? To find out more, visit or visit one of their four clinics in the Sioux Falls area.