Someone You Should Know: The Main Man of Badger, South Dakota

BADGER, S.D. – Badger, South Dakota is a small town just north of Arlington.

It’s not much bigger than a square mile– with a population of just 130.

And for everyone who lives there, Myron Andersen is a name they know quite well.

“Well, it’s my birthday today, 80 years old,” said Andersen, South Dakota’s longest-serving mayor. “Young, I guess you would say.”

Andersen has spent all 80 of his young years in Badger, South Dakota.

“I was born and raised here, yep.”

Being in the same town for that long, he remembers a lot of its milestones.

Even at 80 years young, he can recall the dates of just about everything.
Even the exact day he was first appointed to the city council.

“I got appointed to fill out a term of a guy that resigned in 1963. The third of May, and I’ve been there ever since.”

54 years in city government. 50 of them as the city’s main man.

Myron says he and the city ae a good fit.

“I do electrical, plumbing, heating carpentry, all types off drywall all types of masonry, I did it all.”

He’s worked on about 85 percent of the buildings in the town.

He’s most proud of his work inside the church.

“I’ve redone the whole inside of this,” he said. “Built this and all the furniture, everything.”

Even to this day, Andersen still on top of city improvements.

“It’s very easy. Never have any problems we just keep everything going. If something needs fixing just like today we fix it.”

Over the years, as a local and as mayor, he says he’s seen many changes in town. The most notable, transportation and dwindling business. The city is now down to about three.

But with those changes, Andersen has learned to adapt.

“You just swing with the tide, I guess.”

Because to him, Badger, South Dakota will always be home.

“The one thing about it and I probably shouldn’t say it is, you can leave the keys in your car. I never take the keys out of my car; I lived here my whole life. You don’t really have to lock your home. You don’t really have to do anything.”

Myron’s big 80th birthday bash is this Friday at the American Legion hall in Badger.

He says everyone is invited; there will be dancing, supper, and hot toddies.