ACS ‘Pink Party’ Raises $30,000 For Breast Cancer Research

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The American Cancer Society held a special event Friday night geared toward helping people battle breast cancer. But it wasn’t an ordinary event; those who participated in the ‘Pink Party’ were put to the test.

To help raise money, nearly 50 women worked together in groups to pull a 26,000 lb. concrete mixer. Including a KDLT crew who pulled the truck the second fastest. Afterwards, 9 men strutted their stuff on the stage at The District showing that real men wear pink.

Currently, breast cancer affects one in eight women, including Sioux Falls resident Crystal Erickson. Erickson can now say she is breast cancer free as of February. But she had been fighting since May of 2016. Erickson says the hardest part about the fight is being constantly exhausted, which is why she says events like the Pink Party are important.

“When you hear the word cancer, a lot of people think negative,” says Erickson. “But this kind of puts a positive spin on it and we’re having fun.

The event raised $30,000, which will go toward breast cancer research and resources for patients.

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