Jessen Sets Coyote Volleyball Up For Success

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VERMILLION, S.D.  —  It’s not the position Brittany Jessen, or any volleyball player, necessarily wants to play.

“When I was younger I actually really wanted to be a hitter. I thought it would be so cool to play that role. But as everyone else got taller and I stayed the same height I transferred into setting!” USD Senior Brittany Jessen says.

Since coming to USD, she’s become to the Coyote volleyball team what a quarterback like Chris Streveler is to the football team.

“The setter role has been compared to that, I would agree with that. Setting up the plays and routes everyone’s running. Just knowing the strengths of each hitter, giving them a certain set and a ball that I know that they’ll be able to put down is very important. So just getting to know each individual hitter and what they need.” Brittany says.

As just the second Coyote to ever record more than 4,000 career assists, Brittany has won All-Summit League honors in each of her first three years and has been the two timing reigning setter of the year.

“She’s got a lot more, I think, that she has to take in. Not only is it what our team is doing, but it’s what their team is doing, it’s what the pass or the dig looks like. It is a very difficult position but she’s a smart person outside of the gym. Her teammates trust her.” USD Head Volleyball Coach Leanne Williamson says.

And Jessen wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I think that it’s a really unique role. It’s very high volleyball IQ which I’m continuing to improve on. I love being a setter! I think it’s an awesome role to play!” Jessen says.

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