How To Talk To Your Children About Difficult Topics

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- In light of these teacher-student contact accusations parents may be wondering how they can better protect their children. Experts say it starts with conversations that aren’t always easy. However, instead of waiting to find the “perfect” time to talk, it’s best to just face the conversations head on.

“Yeah I think it can be challenging, it’s important for kids to feel like they have a safe place to go, a safe person to talk to in their life,” says Outpatient Therapist for LifeMarks Behavioral Health for Volunteers of America Dakota, Erica Gloor.

Erica Gloor has been a counselor for 10 years now and she knows it’s not always easy for parents to talk to their children. Especially if the discussion involves something happening to the child. That’s why it’s important to form a bond with your kids at a young age.

“Asking them what’s going on each day, how they are feeling about things, and kind of already opens up that opportunity for them to share then when challenging things do happen,” says Gloor.

Abuse in school is just one of the many challenging topics that Gloor says parents will have to talk to their children about. Although the conversations won’t always flow easily, being open can help children speak up. Gloor understands parents always want to protect their children, but if their son or daughter does come to them with an issue, parents need to be aware of their own reactions.

“Explaining to them you are upset about a situation not about what they are sharing with you, kind of helping make that distinction,” says Gloor.

Gloor says some children might not be as open to talking about certain things. So one way parents can determine if something is wrong is by watching their child’s behavior.

“There’s a reason kids are acting the way they do, so if you notice a change asking what’s going on,” says Gloor.

Experts also suggest family counseling sometimes children find it easier to open up when there is a third person around. For more information about Volunteers of America, Dakotas or counseling sessions visit:


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