Dordt Duo Teammates Since 7th grade

Dordt Duo have been teammates since 7th grade

SIOUX CENTER, IA—  From 7th grade to high school and now the Dordt volleyball team Juniors Ema Altena and Jamie Gesink have been nothing short of Sioux center standouts.

Setter Gesink is a returning 2nd team all-American and outside hitter Altena is a returning 3rd team all-American.

Gesink and Altena didn’t plan on attending Dordt together, but they’re fortunate to have each other.

“It was nice having a teammate coming in as a freshman playing together and being in the uncomfortable stage together as freshman,” says Gesink.

Plus it’s not just about being on the court together.

“All of the off court memories the road trips her and I have been teammates since 7th grade but we’ve also been friends since 7th grade. It’s been something that’s been fun to have on the court but also growing a friendship outside the court as well,” says Altena.

Head coach Chad Hanson praises his stars coach athleticism, adaptability and team focus.

“Through these years of being here they’ve continued to grow and continue to strive for more and more success. More and more consistency in their skill position,” says Hanson.

This season is spearheaded by unfinished business as the defenders finished runner up in the national championship last season.

“When we’re competing in practice and step on the court for a game it’s very important that we don’t take any set or any game off,” says Altena.

While the defenders battle back to the top, one thing is certain.

“Playing together so long we know what each other are going to do on the court. It’s fun to play with her and fun to play with one of your best friends,” says Gesink.

The hometown standouts will battle together.

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