Family Dentistry Collects Candy For Those Serving Overseas

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – There’s a good chance inside many Sioux Falls homes a ton of candy is lying around after Halloween. A Sioux Falls dentist office took some of those sweets off people’s hands Wednesday, for a good cause.

For the past seven years, Family Dentistry on Minnesota Avenue has been buying back candy on Nov. 1. But the sweets aren’t going to waste. The dentist office will give all of the candy to Operation Gratitude, who will then ship them to those serving overseas.

“They’re getting a care package with all these little things that help remind them of home,” says Dr. Kari Bolen. “It’s something as simple as socks and a letter from someone who cares about them, and the candy is just a nice addition to tell our military members that we care about them.”

For every 1 lb. of candy, Family Dentistry gave one dollar. They typically collect around 175 lbs. every year.

Dr. Bolen says this also benefits kids, since eating too much candy can cause cavities.

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