Machacek Has Been a Keeper for Augustana Soccer

Machacek Has Been a Keeper for Augustana Soccer

It takes little bit of insanity to play goalie.

“You don’t have a helmet. You don’t have shoulder pads. You have a pair of flimsy gloves and you’re going to go as hard as you can with your hands at the ball which is at someone’s foot and they’re going as fast as they can trying to strike that ball. And if you catch the ball and your face gets in the way you might look like me!” Augustana Soccer Head Coach Brandon Barkus says.

And the wildest thing about Augustana goalie Taylor Machacek is how well she played in her three years as Viking keeper.

“I don’t really think about it, I just do it. But if I’m thinking about it I’m definitely fearful at times!” Machacek says.

After 11 shutout in in her first season as starter, the Roosevelt alum aimed higher in her senior year.

“I wanted nine shutouts to get me better than last year which we beat that. Then it became a goal of how many shutouts we could get in one season from my sophomores. So shutouts are a big thing. I take a ton of pride in them and I know my defense does too.” Taylor says.

Machacek finished with a career high 14 shutouts to help lead Augustana into the NCAA Tournament,

She leaves with a program record 45 wins and 31 shutouts.

“They know if they a mistake, she’s right there. She’s so quick off her line, she reads the game so well and how she marshals the area is just incredible.” Barkus says.

“You gotta be a little crazy at times. I mean, you voluntarily throw yourself on the ground, you let people come and kick at your face, people are running at you. I just think you gotta be a little crazy and I definitely claim that!” Machacek says.

Almost as crazy as how good Taylor was.

Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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