Holiday Sales Arrive Early In Harrisburg

HARRISBURG, S.D. – We are a week away from one the biggest shopping days of the year; Black Friday. But according to industry experts, most shoppers are actually hitting up stores before Thanksgiving. That includes the community of Harrisburg, which is already taking advantage of early sales.

Christmas came early this year, for those buying the gifts.

“I did the first big push this morning, 30% off store-wide,” says owner of The Robin’s Nest, Robin Menage-Stencil.

Menage-Stencil has already dropped down her prices, and she’s not the only one.

“We have $10 hats, $25 dusters, $10 fleece leggings and $25 active tops,” says Katie Iverson, describing her sales at Glamour Defined.

For the first time five businesses in Harrisburg, including Glamour Defined, are celebrating Black Friday, a week before Black Friday.

“We wanted to do something different that boutiques weren’t offering smaller towns,” says Iverson.

When it comes to the big holiday sales at Kohl’s, Macy’s or Best Buy, businesses in Harrisburg say they can’t keep up.

“The big box stores get better deals, better pricing,” explains Menage-Stencil. “They can get more merchandise in. They have better marketing teams.”

So for one day, these store owners are teaming up and spreading the foot traffic.

“They’ve been going to Carrie Ann’s, or Glamour Define or stopping here and they’ve been hitting them all,” says Menage-Stencil. “They’re in town for lunch and we tell them you need to go to Harrisburgers for lunch.”

“It’s awesome to have a community that is willing to come together and work with each other and not see each other as competition,” adds Iverson.

And the customers seem to be enjoying the one-stop shopping experience.

“We had people from Brookings, Watertown, Aberdeen,” says Iverson. “We’ve already doubled our opening day sales today, our online stuff is rocking. It’s been awesome and very humbling to see how many people have come out and supporting not just my business, but other businesses in Harrisburg.”

The other businesses involved in the early Black Friday sales include Lava’s Javas & Treats, Carrie Ann’s Boutique and Dapper Dog.

The shops will be offering discounted items again on November 25; Small Business Saturday.

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