Former SDSU standout now starting for the KC Chiefs

Former SDSU standout now starting for the KC Chiefs

Whether Bryan Witzmann can dance is up for speculation.

“I just wanted to be Travis (Kelce’s) hype man! He’s dancing and a couple other guys were dancing so I decided to join in!” Witzmann says.

“I’ve talked to him about that, not in terms of advice, but just in terms of expectations and he told me he’s going to work on it!” SDSU Head Football Coach John Stiegelmeier says.

There’s no doubt he had all the right moves on the South Dakota State offensive line from 2009 to 2013, when he started all 49 games and became an All-American who plowed the way for 2,000 yard rusher Zach Zenner.

“Coach Stig taught that blue collar mentality of just working hard, not trying to worry about too much and just moving forward.” Witzmann says.

And there was another lesson from Bryan’s time in Brookings that helped him persevere as he was cut four times by three NFL teams.

“I think the biggest thing was he believed in himself. We preach in our program pursue your dream, don’t let anybody talk you out of it, and the most important person not to talk you out of it is yourself! And so he kept pursuing his dream.” Stiegelmeier says.

“Kept working and I knew that when I would get that opportunity I would take advantage of it.” Bryan says.

Which is what he did last September after signing with Kansas City, playing on special teams and then earning a starting guard spot this year.

“To really stick you got to make an impression and put twice as much work in as guys who maybe have the upper hand. So that just speaks a lot about his character and he’s such a good dude.” Chiefs Offensive Lineman Mitch Morse says.

“It was a tough go getting cut by three teams four times. Kansas City believed me, gave me an opportunity to shine, and I took that and ran with it.” Witzmann says.

When he’s not blocking for the Chiefs, Bryan is still watching the Jackrabbits as we saw a few weeks ago when he talked to the team at Missouri State.

“It’s never easy walking into the head coaches office and hearing you’re not good enough. It’s not what happens at the beginning, it’s what happens at the end.” Witzmann Told The SDSU Football team.

“Playing in college it’s kind of like a distant thing to think about an NFL career. It’s surreal. It’s something that you wake up every day and it’s hard to believe you got this far.” Bryan says.

Which makes it easy to see why Bryan feels like busting a move!

“It’s infectious man! It gives us something to talk about. The dude can’t dance! At all! But it just shows the moxie he’s got and the fun he has playing football.” Morse says.

In Kansas City, Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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