Behind The Scenes of Black Friday: See Which Item People Are Waiting in Line For

For as far as the eye can see, holiday hopefuls are ready to shop until they drop. People started lining up outside of Best Buy here in Sioux Falls as early as 6 AM on Thanksgiving morning in hopes of scoring some Black Friday deals.

Jonathan Talbot and his friend, Jess Williams, said they personally only waited a few minutes in line on Thursday.

“I’m from California,” said Talbot. “The family’s at home so I spend Thanksgiving usually by myself or with friends so I might as well use the opportunity.”

Best Buy says they have almost all of their employees working this weekend to stay organized for their biggest weekend of the year, but shoppers had a strategy of their own.

“I already know,” said Talbot. “We went and scouted yesterday so we already know exactly where we’re going and grabbing it and we’ll get out of here quickly.”

Paul Watts got in line around 2 PM. With low prices and high spirits, he hopes the other shoppers play nice.

“I don’t want to get pushed in the back,” said Watts, “I’m just trying to get in there and secure what I came for and hopefully I can do it and not get beat up over it.”

This year, Best Buy says people are lined up around the block for big ticket items, especially flat screen TV’s.

“Honestly, if I could have got this TV that I wanted online, I would not be sitting here right now,” said Watts.

Best Buy says the warmer weather this year brought in thousands of shoppers. Over at the Empire Mall, mall manager Dan Gies predicts a four-percent gain in holiday shopping this year.

“Yeah there’s a real positive feel in the air,” said Gies. “There’s a lot of excitement. You see a lot of festive, you know the santa hats and people are in line getting ready to shop.”

The Empire Mall will be open until 1 AM and will reopen at 6 AM Friday.  Best Buy will be open till 1 AM and reopen at 8 AM Friday.

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