SF Woman Starts Project To Help Homeless Women

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-Experts say the average age of a homeless person in Sioux Falls is eight years old. These are children who typically have parents in need. A Sioux Falls woman is hoping to ease some of their burdens specifically moms by giving them basic necessities they often lack.

“You can help a person retain their dignity by them having just the basic necessities of life,” says Creator of Purses with Purpose, Susan Clift.

Susan Clift knows the importance of people, especially women, having personal hygiene products. That’s why she started “Purses with a Purpose.” She fills unused purses with hygiene products for homeless women. Her goals are to help women out and raise awareness about homelessness, an issue she feels isn’t talked about enough in the community.

“We are a very generous people, so I think that if they are aware of it, we can solve that problem,” says Clift.

She got the idea from reading an online article about another woman doing something similar. Susan hopes to inspire others to help out like she is and make a difference.

“Makes my heart feel good, I believe when we start connecting with people heart to heart. Hearts open and people help,” says Clift.

Currently, Susan buys all the items herself and collects purses from friends and even perfect strangers and she wants to expand the project.

“I’m hoping that it’s something that can be a year-round type of thing because the need doesn’t go away just because the holiday season is over,” says Clift.

Susan says although her small gestures won’t take away all of their problems, this is her way of easing some of the worries women face.

“Because we can all do something, we may not be able to do a lot, but we can do something,” says Clift.

Clift says she hopes to fill about six purses and drop them off at the Veteran’s Outreach next month. If you would like to help Clift with her project, you can send her a message on her Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/susan.clift.14

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