A Cop or Criminal May Have Owned Your Gun Before You Did

LENNOX, S.D. – Some guns are getting a second life this weekend, but you might be surprised to learn who their previous owner is.

This Saturday’s auction at Goeman Auction Services in Lennox is a little different. More than 100 of these weapons are surplus and confiscated firearms from South Dakota law enforcement agencies.

The state of South Dakota contacted the business to give buyers a unique opportunity.

The proceeds from the handgun, shotgun, and rifle sales will all go back to the same state agencies they came from.

There’s one item that people will be lining up for: a Barrett 50 caliber, a test rifle from South Dakota State.

“A 50 caliber is simply a very large target rifle,” said owner-operator Jeff Goeman. “It’ll shoot a very long ways.”

This gun from SDSU is expected to go for $4,000 dollars.

For all weapons, the highest bidder needs a valid driver’s license. Then, they undergo a background check that takes five to 20 minutes.

If they are approved by the FBI, they’ve got the green light to take their new gun home.

“By all means, we sell everything we have, always,” said Goeman. “There will probably be two or three people waiting at the gate when I get here at 7AM.”

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