West Central’s Peters has had dominant career

West Central's Peters has had dominant career

Growing up Derick Peters need a way to release his pent up energy.

“Sometimes my mom wasn’t always the biggest fan of that especially in those summer months when I decided to be a little bit rambunctious inside so she’d send me out on a couple laps around the block!” Peters says.

He found it through soccer but didn’t find it at West Central where there was no boy’s soccer team.

“I can tell you I still love it. I miss it right now just not being able to play it.” Derick says.

“There’s been track meets where he’ll bring a soccer ball and he’ll be dribbling it with his own leg!” Former West Central Cross Country Head Coach David Tuch says.

Leading him to cross country.

“I just like how I can just go out and clear my head. I mean, it’s kinda like my stress relief.” Peters says.

“What sets Derick apart from any other athlete I’ve experienced is just his incredible self motivation, his drive to always want to better himself and his positive attitude.” West Central Cross Country Coach Kendra Benedetto says.

And Derick ran like man with something to prove, winning consecutive individual state championships and helping the Trojans capture three team titles in four years.

“It’s one thing to just go out there and win it all, but if you’re not satisfied it kind of fuels you.” Derick says.

Driving him to success outside South Dakota, including a win at the Roy Griak and a second place finish at the Nike Cross Regionals. Ranked as high as ninth in the country, Derick will continue running at the University of Wisconsin.

“He’s put South Dakota on the map right now for cross country. If you’d look at some Olympic athletes and their high school records yes, Derick would be in line. But it’s just a matter of if he can take it up to that next level.” Tuch says.

Which certainly seems possible….

“I just know there’s always more work to be done. I think it’s kind of cool to think about how much work I could do!” Peters says.

…Since Derick is never lacking for that!

Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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