Preparing Your Car for the Winter Season

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Sioux Falls police responded to 75 accidents on Tuesday’s first snowfall. As the colder temperatures head towards the Sioux Empire, experts say now is the perfect time to prepare your car for winter.

David Zitterich has owned his Auto Care Shop for 2 years now and just today alone, he’s worked on 4 cars, not including the ones that are already in the shop. He says his shop is starting to see more cars come in and he expects the number to increase once the temperatures get even colder.

“In the winter time, your vehicle is very stressed with the cold temperatures. It brings out the weaknesses of your chemicals and oils,” says Owner of David’s Auto Shop, David Zitterich.

Zitterich says one of the main concerns car owners have come in with lately is not having heat in their car.

“Biggest problem this time of year going into the winter is no heat or lack of heat. Usually, the cause of that is people not flushing the coolant system for instance,” says Zitterich.

He also recommends having a winter car checklist to make sure everything is working properly especially the batteries.

“Your battery does more than just start a vehicle. It has to maintain 10 to 14 computer modules,” says Zitterich.

Zitterich says checking these things constantly goes a long way and can help you save money.

“I try to push the maintenance, a little bit here saves you a lot later there,” says Zitterich.

He also says not everything requires a mechanic. Keeping your tires filled with the proper air pressures is something that’s easy to do.

“Tires are easily checked with tire pressure gauges. So you can get them on any auto parts store,” says Zitterich.

Fun Fact: lots of gas around here has ethanol in it. “That” actually acts as a fuel line anti-freeze when it gets really cold.

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