Spencer Tops the Charts at Augustana

Spencer Tops the Charts at Augustana

Jordan Spencer grew up cultured.

Jordan Spencer, Augie Guard:”That’s Jamaican’s mum’s mum’s English yeah. One relaxed side and one more in the uptight side…”

And the native of London was quick to pick up the sport of another country.

Spencer:”I started watching some like street ball and things like that and that caught my interest…”

Which opened an unexpected door when a former Augustana assistant coach held a clinic.

Spencer:”I just went along to play as free basketball. And the coach Jeff Trumbo back then at the time liked what he saw and offered me a full scholarship at the end of the semester so I took it straight away. I had no idea about Sioux Falls, SD and I got here it was like the apocalypse was going down with the weather. It was cold, just freezing and I was like what have I go myself into?”

Adjusting to life in Sioux Falls was the least of his worries.

Tom Billeter, Augie MBB Coach:”He didn’t make a jump shot the entire month of January when he red-shirted and first came here, it was amazing! And then he went home that summer and just played . He got on another one of their national teams and just played every day. He was playing great competition, great talent all around the world that summer …”

It showed when Jordan came back, cracking the starting lineup as a redshirt freshman. His first two years his primary job was to set up teammates, helping Augie win the national title as a sophomore. The past two years he’s added more scoring to his repertoire averaging 15 points per game. He’s done so while still leading the Vikings in assists every season, nearing 800 for his career.

Spencer:”The leadership role has definitely taken a front role. It was a shock but I mean everyone is so nice here so I kind of settled in that way with friends here and stuff like that…

Though they don’t let Spencer forget where he’s from….

Billeter:”I love the revolutionary war, we love to talk about that. He likes to bring up the war of 1812 which we barely won…They got a close 2nd in that one…”

…He’s an integral part of Augustana’s culture!

Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.