Kids Learning About Science In First Lego League

Sioux Falls, S.D.- A competition is teaching kids about robotics and coding while instilling teamwork and fun.

The First Lego League is an international organization teaching younger children about the fun of science as well as building valuable life skills.

The league is supposed to be a spark for workplace development within the science, technology, engineering and math community, gearing younger kids to the possibilities of working in those fields in the future.

35 teams from across South Dakota competed today for the championship.

“We want kids to get excited now so they pursue those technological jobs, those engineering, mechanical types of jobs when they get older.  That’s where the workforce is headed,” says EmBe Girls and Youth Director Stacy Stahl.

In the competition today, the teams were judged in three facets:

Robot design and effectiveness to complete tasks, an innovative project relating to water issues, and teamwork.

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