Sioux Falls Church Takes Proactive Measures to Fight the Flu

SIOUX FALLS, SD- For the eight years Tom Yount has been pastor at Calvary Chapel in Sioux Falls, he hasn’t been too worried about the common cold or the flu in his church.

Pastor Tom has come up with a system to make germs harder to spread in the first place.

“We try to take a more proactive approach rather than reactive just because we know flu can spread pretty much any time of year.”

The number one helper that’s placed all over the church is sanitizer pumps. They strategically place these by greeters to use after shaking hands and ask greeters and church-goers to wash their hands frequently.

The church also uses products that’ll be used one time only like individual cups instead of a communal chalice during communion.

“Disposable dixie cups, disposable coffee cups and that sort of thing because no one wants to share their germs anyway,” said Yount. 

Keeping the congregation healthy is a balancing act. Calvary is a place for fellowship and friendship and that’s not going to stop because of flu season.

“We know that people are going to hug each other and everything so there’s going to be germs going around. More importantly we try to deal with it in our children’s ministry.”

In Yount’s experience kids tend to be the ones carrying the most germs, so they have a policy for parents not to bring kids if they are sick. Their sunday school teachers are also on the lookout for kids who appear to not feel well.

“We just think it’s important to be watchful of them when they come to church and just to make sure that they are healthy and everything. We want our church family to stay as healthy as they can.”

Despite the preventative measures the pastor says there’s always at least one virus that’s brought into the church usually by a child with an illness such as strep throat. In that case the church notifies members about it right away.

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