Guebert Twins Making Parents Proud

Guebert Twins Making Parents Proud

Madison and Drew Guebert are twins. Really.

“He’s about 6’8” and I’m about 5’7” and a half. So we don’t look much alike. Yeah, very different for sure.” Madison Says.

Though they physically don’t look part, their bond on the basketball court.

“I mean we just go out there and rebound for each other and just talk about life. I mean, that’s how it was. We just go in the back yard, rebound and just talk.” Drew says.

“We’ve definitely pushed each other pretty much all our lives. We’re a very competitive family believe it or not!” Madison says.

That’s no a surprise since both of their parents played basketball at Augustana, where mom Melissa is still the all-time leading scorer in program history. What is surprising that neither ended up at Augie, with Madison head to South Dakota State and Drew heading to Sioux Falls.

“Everyone’s come to terms with it, everyone’s alright now. I just think that everyone ended up where they’re supposed to end up.” Madison says.

Whether it’s Madison with her three point shot, or Drew with his size, both are the second leading scorers on their teams with Madison averaging 15 a game and Drew 20.

“They’ve grown up with success. They’ve grown up with being pushed and challenged and high expectations. And you can see all those things as a college player.” SDSU Womens’ Basketball Head Coach Aaron Johnston says.

“The main thing that really set us apart from the other people is how hard we work. We just spent hours and hours in the back yard or the gym.” Drew says.

And they don’t have to look far for support.

“When things get hard we send each other a text and just say if you wanna talk I’m here for you.” Drew says.

“We continue to push each other but we’re also each other’s biggest fans.” Madison says.

They just separate on one small thing-which one is the better player!

“Oh me for sure! Come on! Don’t tell him that!” Madison says.

“Out of my family I’d say my mom is definitely the best!” Drew says.

Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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