Congress Restores Two More Years Of Funding For Community Health Centers

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Officials at Falls Community Health are applauding recent action by congress that has restored their federal funding.

Community health centers across the country were facing a “fiscal cliff” as federal funding ran out last September. This past week, congress restored that funding for the next two years.

The move means community health centers, like the four clinics in Sioux Falls, can continue providing services to patients at a reduced cost.

“What we do, is we promote health. By providing preventive primary care to patients who, really many of them, we are their only access point for primary care. We keep them out of the emergency room and we prevent unnecessary hospitalization,” said Public Health Director, Jill Franken.

Falls Community Health serves about 13,000 patients every year. Clinics are located downtown, and at Hawthorne, Hayward and Terry Redlin Elementary schools.

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