Dakota Wesleyan University Partners With Apple To Bring Technology To The Classroom

Mitchell, S.D.- A South Dakota university plans on changing the way their students learn by introducing technology in the classroom by partnering with Apple.

“I think this is going to be huge. I think it’s really going to set us up well for getting jobs and being successful in the workforce,” says Junior Athletic Training Student Maria Koenen.

Dakota Wesleyan University announced a partnership with Apple that will supply an IPad Pro and smart keyboard for all full-time students beginning next fall.

This is part of an initiative to make classrooms digital and better prepare students for the workforce with constant technological changes.

Professor Lana Loken teaches in a healthcare setting and says going digital will allow for more up-to-date information for students.

“I want to create something where we had the ability to give students the information and be able to keep it upgraded and current because in healthcare, things change so fast that if we don’t get the students current information, they’re behind,” says Professor Loken.

Koenen has been part of the test group and says this new technology will improve their skills to be better prepared for life after college.

“Being able to understand technology and being able to use it to be more effective as a worker, to be more effective as a communicator, we got to do what we can to be better because it’s a competitive world out there so I think this is setting us up really for the real life,” Koenen tells us.

Professor Loken says DWU is motivated to be the forefront in a new generation of education.

“For me it means that our administration has wanted to give us the resources to be on the leading edge and to give our students the ability to learn differently,” says Professor Loken.

Probably the most important for students, is that the new partnership will not raise tuition costs, only add a small technology fee.

Another benefit of this initiative would be eliminating the costs of buying paper-back textbooks as students would be able to access E-books on their IPads.

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