Sioux Falls Woman Uses Unique Therapy To Help Others Reduce Stress

Sioux Falls Woman Uses Holistic Practice To Help Others Relax

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — A Sioux Falls woman left the competitive corporate world to put an end to the stress she was feeling from work. Now, her new mission is to help others relax.

“There will be many people who scoff at it and question it, and that’s okay too,” says Namken.

Heidi Namken, owner of Relax, Release, Renew, is talking about reiki. It’s a holistic healing energy therapy that’s administered through the hands. First, she talks with clients about their stress levels and pain. Then the work begins.

“Then they usually lay on the table fully clothed, and i start with their shoulders and their head and then work all the way down to their feet,” she says.

This practice originated in Japan and it’s not a typical massage. Namken sees a wide range of clients suffering from physical conditions like migraines and mental stresses of everyday life.

“Basically what I do is I connect in with your energy, and help you release anything from physical, emotional and spiritual, thought processes,” says Namken.

Namken spent much of her professional life as an executive assistant in the corporate world: a place where she says stress consumed her.

“Not sleeping well at night, taking all types of anti-anxiety and blood pressure medication and everything like that, and knowing that this is not a path I wanted to go down my health was starting to go,” says Namken.

A couple years after leaving her job she started practicing reiki. Now-a-days she does about 45 sessions a month. She helps clients heal by channeling positive energy to them through her hands, but another component is meaningful conversation. She talks with clients about their stressful situations with the goal of getting rid of negative thoughts.

“You can literally lift your idea of your day, you can go from being angry about something to I’m not going to let the anger get to me, and shifting that thought which is energy, and you’ll feel better,” says Namken.

Namken says reiki is for anyone regardless of gender, age or profession. However, this holistic approach is typically not covered by health insurance.

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