Sanford Sports Science Institute Combining Science With Golf

Sioux Falls, S.D. – The Sanford Sports Science Institute team is back, this time at the golf expo this weekend giving out the latest information in their research into golf.

Some of the services offered to the public at the expo includes a mobility service where Sanford Sports scientists will look at the way you move and how that could affect your swing.

“We focus on three things at the Sanford Sports Science Institute.  We focus on research, services and education.  So with golf, we are trying to do all three of those.  We’re trying to have research-backed services and then inform what gaps there are so that we can continue to improve what we offer golfers and then we’re trying to educate everyone that we can about it,” says Director of Sanford Sports Science Institute, Dr. Lisa MacFadden.

Sanford also shows off a headband that gives insight of what is happening inside of the brain by analyzing conscious and subconscious movements in a golf swing.

One of the cooler aspects of Sanford’s set-up is a 3-D motion capture like one’s used in CG capture for animated movies that gives researchers 3-D points in space with multiple markers set up on the golfer’s body.

“What we can do then is we can look at things like, are they moving efficiently? Are they moving in a way that could cause injury? Are they loaded themselves too much in a specific way? Maybe they’re going to have shoulder problems.  And we’re trying to research into those things to help golfers play for longer and healthier,” says Dr. MacFadden.

Dr. MacFadden says technology is changing the way researches look at the sport and how the game of golf is played.

“The technology has been great.  It’s really giving golfers information that they didn’t have before.  We’ve worked with a number of LPGA golfers for example, who’ve done some of our 3-D analysis.  They go home with a report of information that they bring to their coach,” Dr. MacFadden tells us.

The last day of the golf expo is tomorrow from 11:00am to 4pm.

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