SDSU Student Facing Terrorist Threat Charge

BROOKINGS, S.D. – Brookings police arrested a South Dakota State student on multiple charges after students say he made comments about shooting up a school.

19-year-old SDSU student Alexander Peterson was arrested on a terrorist threat charge for comments he made to other students. On February 28, the Residential Housing Director at SDSU contacted police. Students informed officials that Peterson was going to “shoot up the school.”

Students told officials that Peterson made the comments in a Snapchat group. Court documents go on to describe a meme stating “when a white kid shoots up the school the same day you plan to bomb it.”

“From the perspective of student awareness – we’re pleased that the students took action and reported it to the right channels and that university police were able to respond. It is that type of awareness that helps create a safe environment on campus,” said Marking and Communications Director Michael Lockrem.

In the documents a student said he felt really scared after Peterson told him “Don’t forget I was suspended from school last year.” When the student asked why, Peterson responded with “the same thing as my meme.”

Police were then informed that Peterson had made similar comments about committing a violent act towards his high school in Flandreau.

Peterson is also facing six counts of simple assault intimidation for his comments.