Tatum Is The Storm’s Explosive Weapon

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D.  —  It’s easy to see how Mike Tatum picked up his nickname.

“The Weapon, that’s my nickname. So I got that name because I passed for a touchdown in one game, ran for a touchdown, caught a touchdown and returned a kick. All in one Arena game.” Storm WR/RB Mike Tatum says.

Making it even more impressive that that Mike never had his sights set on a football career, playing just one year in high school.

“I was playing flag football and I went out one day and just decided like hey, I was fast!  A coach by the name of Pepe Pearson from Ohio State and Stanley Jackson, was a quarterback for Ohio State, they had an arena football team so they asked me if I wanted to try out.  I went and tried out and pretty much made the team and my career started from there.”  Mike says.

After bouncing around several different leagues, Tatum found his way to Sioux Falls and has become one of the Storm’s most explosive players, scoring 78 touchdowns in six seasons.

“Firecracker!  He’s like a black cat, you know what I’m saying?  You light him up, once you get him to the point, he gonna explode on you!”  Storm Defensive Lineman Claude Davis says.

And after doubting that he’d ever play for very long….

“I didn’t think ten years ago that I’d still be doing it.  I thought it would be one of those things that was going to be hit and miss, I’ll go out and play and then I probably wouldn’t play again because of how small I was.  I was 140 pounds when I started.  I love it man.  I re-located my family here and, I mean, my body is not used up.  Most people at 30 your body is used up, so my football years are just beginning.”  Tatum says.

….Tatum has become one of the best weapon’s in the Storm’s arsenal.

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