Advancements in Technology Helping Students at Central Lyon High School

ROCK RAPIDS, I.A. – Through different programs and advancement in technology, students at Central Lyon High School are learning in unique ways.

The Anatomage table is a virtual dissection tool which allows students to see rendering of actual people, and view donated CT and MRI scans.

Students are able to view and study a variety of medical anomalies, including stints in the heart, conjoined twins, bullets to the head and even mummies and animal studies.

Instructors say the Anatomage gives students distinct learning tools they couldn’t find elsewhere.

“It’s 100 percent hands on. The kids can manipulate it and don’t have to worry about getting it wrong because you can just push undo. Like my anatomy kids can learn muscles in references to where they are, you can take them away layer by layer instead of looking at this picture and that picture,” said Science instructor, Rochelle Ebel.

Central Lyon says they are the only high school in the state of Iowa that uses the Anatomage. Ebel says she’s seen an uptick in student interest in science across the district thanks to the new technology.