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100 Women Who Care

'100+ Women Who Care' Meet To Raise Money This Sunday

In past years, the local group 100+ Women Who Care has been able to raise thousands of dollars for local organizations by pledging their own money to give. Here's a catch: they do it all within an hour, and choose the organization they’re donating to during that time.

Low Potential For Major Wildfires In Western South Dakota

The potential for large wildfires in the Black Hills National Forest region appears low this year.

Trial Being Moved For Aberdeen Man Facing Murder Charge

Trial for an Aberdeen man accused of stabbing a woman to death is being moved out of Brown County and delayed.
Judge Scott Myren granted a change-of-venue motion from defense attorneys for 34-year-old John Hemminger.

Sioux City YMCA Drops Tackle Football: 'We needed to no longer offer that program.'

In what some consider a very bold and controversial move, The Norm Waitt Sr. YMCA in Sioux City has decided to drop tackle football. As of June 1, the organization will be suspending it's program, citing the danger of possible concussions and head injuries. But what do the coaches and parents have say about the move?…

Type 1 No Longer Known As 'The Juvenile Diabetes'

The JDRF One Walk at the Sanford Research Center is just two days away. While the organization has juvenile in it's name, they're not the only one's who can be diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

Additional Arrests Possible in Lucky Lady Fatal Shooting Case

At least two women have been arrested in connection with the shooting that happened in front of the Lucky Lady Casino on Friday, April 22.

Preparing For The Invasive Emerald Ash Borer

Twenty four states, including Minnesota and Iowa, are battling the invasive beetle from Asia. While it's not yet invaded South Dakota, there are many who are trying to stop the emerald ash borer from entering the state however, they say it's an inevitability. 

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