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A Little Hat With A Big Message

Congenital Heart Defects, or CHDs, are the most common birth defect among newborn babies in the United States. The American Heart Association says one in every 125 newborns is affected by at least one of twenty-five different types of identified CHDs.

A Little Boy and His Monkey Reuinited Once Again Thanks to Hy-Vee

A plush monkey named “Hunny” made its way back to Sioux Falls Friday afternoon, after taking a "vacation" in Iowa. At least, that's what Hunny's young owner, Rory, believes.

A Victim's Decision: The Psychology Behind Reporting Rape

Sioux Falls police are investigating two new rape cases reported on Thursday, both involving men the victims did not know.

False Report Serves As Safety Reminder

It's something that every parents fears; a stranger approaching their child, trying to lure them away.  Such an incident was reported taking place at a Harrisburg elementary school on Thursday.

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Department was ready to have unmarked cars patrolling Harrisburg Schools today, and possibly into…

Sanford Doctor Talks CTE, Future Of Football

Super Bowl 50 is nearly upon us, where we can expect to see big time players making and taking big hits. But it's those hits that have gained world-wide attention, after NFL players continue to be diagnosed with a brain disease thought to be caused by repeated hits to the head. KDLT's Jill Johnson talks with a local…

Erin Srstka Announces Candidacy For City Council Seat

Erin Srstka has announced she will begin circulating nominating petitions in her bid to win the northwest district seat on the Sioux Falls City Council.

Daugaard Proposes Oversight Overhaul After GEAR UP Scandal

Gov. Dennis Daugaard is proposing an overhaul of government oversight in South Dakota after a murder-suicide last year involving two employees of a Platte-based educational cooperative.

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