Blaise Keller

From 80s to Snow Within Two Days

While It May Have Caught Some Off Guard, It Isn't Unheard Of

We are nearing Easter Sunday, not to mention we are nearing the middle of April.┬áDespite the fact that the actual middle of April is a couple of days away, we kicked off the week leading up to it with snow falling across portions of the Sioux Empire. This coming two days after the same area recorded temperatures in the upper…

S.L.I.M – The Ingredients Needed For Severe Weather

Or M.I.L.S If You'd Like... Or Even L.I.M.S (Without The B)

Winter weather is now coming to an end, minus the occasion spurt of ice or mixed precipitation as the jetstream continues to move both north and south. The end of winter weather marks the beginning of my favorite season, personally, which is severe weather. From hail and tornadoes to flash floods and wind, severe weather can come in many different…